Friday, March 1, 2013

This thing called life...

Ahhhh life...what words can possibly describe it, Right? Whether your glass is half empty or half full today I would like to ease your mind, and if I'm lucky, perhaps I'll inspire you. I am learning so much during this time of life. I continue to discover how much fun college is, but I also am constantly reminded of how hard life can be. And knowing that life is only going to get harder causes me to question "How much can I actually handle?" I have come to know for myself, however, that the challenges help us appreciate the happy memories. If your conscience weighs heavy tonight, I remind you that happiness lies in our everyday life, if we will only choose to feel it.  Learning about the family here at BYU-Idaho has increased my understanding about the family system. I have recently finished a project about my family, and it has helped me gain an understanding of the deep impacts the home makes.

 I am thankful today for family. Being on my own, hundreds of miles away, I have found myself missing the very things that I couldn't wait to get away from. My family is loud, I forgot what quiet sounded like until I moved away. Sitting here, at this very moment, I miss the noise. I miss the laughter. I miss helping my mom make dinner. I miss watching my dad dance and hearing him talk like Donald Duck. (He likes to be silly) There is something about home. It's that one place where you don't have to be afraid of being yourself. It's familiar, and comfortable. And it's where you grow taller in more way than one.

Relationships are where we live our lives. What else matters if we don't have people around us to share the ride with? Thanks to my incredible parents I know what it means and feels like to love deeply. I love my family so very much, the flaws and all. If  you are feeling overwhelmed. If you aren't feeling good enough. If you have forgotten what happy feels like. Think back........... Remember the adventures yet? The time dads "short cut" turned out being twice as long as the suggested route. That day that laughing with your sister healed your broken heart. Can you see the flashback of mom holding you in her arms when you needed comfort the very most? Hold on to those moments. Let them be the reminder that in life we are never alone. Look through the old pictures, tell your parents you love them, be there for your siblings when they need you. Stop regretting the past, and live life more fully starting NOW. From a wise heart I have learned "You pile up enough tomorrows and you'll find you've collected a lot of empty yesterdays." Live life's adventures whatever they may be. Keep in mind, that the greatest adventures don't have to happen in some far off land. Just do simple things that make you laugh, and be sure it's with the people you love. One final word of advice, don't waste a single second!

"Enjoy the Little things in life...
for one day you'll look back on life and realize they were the big things." 

P.S. Life is good!

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