Thursday, January 17, 2013

... And they lived Happily Forever After

"All because two people fell in love"

At home my mom has the above quote next to pictures of my siblings and I. After talking this week about family trends that are occurring in our society, it made me all the more grateful for the eternal family that I have been blessed with. 

We have been studying significant trends from delayed marriages, to the increase of births to unmarried women. We have talked about cohabitation, and how it has changed the patterns of intimate relationships. It was interesting to see that over the last few decades births to unmarried women have gone up almost every year beginning in 1960 up until 2007. Connecting the two, causes me to wonder how many births have occurred due to cohabitation? 

Through all that I have studied in this class, I have come to understand that although every family has some flaws, the gospel makes a difference in my family life. I was raised in a home where I always knew I was loved, and more importantly I knew that I was a child of God with a purpose. I don't think I would be the person I am today without that knowledge. And for me, I am grateful that my parents taught me how to live a happy life.


I have seen my parents go through the good times and bad, and they do it together. They have the kind of love for each other that I hope and dream I will have someday. It's through their love that I have learned what love is truly about. The real love. The kind of love that lasts forever. Families teach us to love deeply. And I am grateful that through my Heavenly Fathers plan, I can live with my family forever.

P.S. Life is good!

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